Furniture Story

LEGNATEC Management PhilosophyTo Greatly Contribute to Humane and
Social Development by Single-heartedly Creating
Wonderful Products which Make People Happy & Satisfy
their Individual Lives. For this Goal, Each of us aims to Develop
their Autonomy & Work-Responsibility through their own Significant Jobs.
LEGNATEC’S FIVE (5) Work Principles.With Clear Aim to Grow as the Top Model Company in Furniture & Interior Industry, We Offer Beautiful & Comfortable Ways of Living to People.

・By Creating Better Circumstances that greatly help Self-Fulfilment & Self-Growth for All of Us, We Realize our Business Growth and the Mental & Physical Happiness of Every People Working for Legnatec.

Sincerely Devoted to Work Every Day for our Customers and Cooperative Companies, Always Holding Our Great Gratitude toward Them.
By Thinking of Best Harmony among Human, Nature and Technology, We Make the Best Use of and Effectively Recycle Limited Resources:Thus, Aiming to Co-Exist with Earth Environment.
With High Priority Set on 【Dream・Timing・Encountering】and By Using Positive Ways of Speech & Modesty, We try to Realize Unlimited Potentiality into Shape.


Severely-Selected Highest Quality Materials

Simplified designing is the current trend in Interior & Furniture Industry, and this depends on the highest quality-level of natural wooden materials. To fulfill this trend and satisfy users, we have to have a good eye for the quality level of natural wooden materials. Just like human beings, such natural woods show their own unique characteristic and expressions. Let’s have a time in our life to enjoy such expressions of natural woods. Thus, we can make our life more enjoyable.
LEGNATEC always selects high quality wooden materials really proper for furniture and procure only highest-quality wooden materials from around the world.

Semi-Customized Ordering System

Perfectly-Satisfying Materials, Size and Finishing Method

Comfortable Interior for users is based on the well-balanced harmony between Interior Items and the Space in a room. Through our products, we want to perfectly satisfy all different customers-those who are very particular with interior items and those who live in different living circumstances.
Proudly having full-range choices & variety of materials, sizes, finishing methods, etc., LEGNATEC is always ready to satisfy diversified customers’ needs to create their own well-harmonized living spaces. To satisfy all types of customers’ needs, we have a very unique semi-customized ordering system, under which, for example, we can offer as many as 4,284 variations of one dining table just to satisfy your needs exactly. For our better understanding, our Semi-Customized Ordering System has been enabled by our in-house manufacturing in Saga Japan

Ecology & Safety

Environment- & Health-Friendlily Designed Products

-LEGNATEC is highly committed to protect the health of our precious users and to perverse the green-rich nature for next generations. Creating Furniture Products to last for life and using Furniture Products with love for a long period are a good way to preserve our nature and earth.

-LEGNATEC aims to create such attractive furniture products, which our users love and use them so carefully for a long term, and also provide them with good after-sales service to help the furniture products keep well so long for such their users.

– LEGNATEC has been committed to design, develop and provide earth- & health-friendly products through various green activities for our users’ health, our earth and its beautiful nature. For example, reduction in the use of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and many other harmful chemicals, effective use of woods with no waste, reuse & recycle of woods and materials, use of broad-leaved trees grown in USA famous for world’s highest-level forest management.