Corporate Name Legnatec Co. Ltd.
Founded on June, 1964
Established on September, 1972
Capital 12 million yen
Location Head Office・Factory・Showroom are Situated at:
266-1, Yamaryo, Morodomi-cho, Saga-city, Saga, JAPAN
FAX :+81-(0)952-47-6113
Email: info@legnatec.co.jp
No. of Employees 45 employees
Executives ・Takehiro Kabashima (Mr.) President
・Mitsuhiro Kabashima, Senior Vice President
Banks ・Japan Finance Corporation, Saga Branch
・The Bank of Saga, Morodomi Branch
・The Bank of Fukuoka, Okawa Branch
・Saga Higashi Shinkumi Bank, Morodomi Branch
・The Shoko Chukin Bank, Saga Branch
Business Lines ・Planning, Manufacture and Sales of Furniture Products for Households
・Planning, Manufacture and Sales of Customized Furniture Products for Public Facilities and Shops/Stores.
・Planning, Manufacture and Sales of Innovative Types of Furniture and Interior Items.
・Sales of Originally-designed Daily Commodities and Interior Items.
Company History
June, 1964 Our founder, Mr. Kinzo Kabashima started Maruni Woodwork as his own business in Morodomi-cho, Saga Prefecture.
September, 1972 Morodomi Maruni Woodwork Co. Ltd. was established. (Its capital was 3 mil. yen.)
September, 1988 The capital was increased up to 12 mil. yen.
September, 1989 The company name was changed into Legnatec Co. Ltd.
April, 1994 The direct retail shop, named Legna ARUTAM was established in Karatsu City, Saga Pref.
November, 2002 Woodwork shop, named KuraKobo Workshop was set up at Legna ARUTAM.
January, 2004 Our showroom was newly opened at our head office.
October, 2004 Legnatec was awarded “Effort Prize” by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at “Development Contest for Employment of the Elderly.”
March, 2006 Business innovation plan by Legnatec was certified as Business Innovation Plan for Small & Medium Enterprises
October, 2007 Our founder, Mr. Kinzo Kabashima assumed Chairperson of the Board.
Mr. Yudai Kabashima took the place of President of Legnatec.
May, 2010 Direct Retailing started at Legnatec’s Showroom named CLASSE
September, 2014 This year marks the 50th Anniversary.